Falconry Clubs

I have contacted falconry organisations that take people out and teach them about flying the birds and they also do displays but the people I have spoken to want to charge me money to come and photograph them doing what they do. Which is fine they are business and they need to make money but I don’t think its going to fit my needs for this project and even if it did I don’t have the best part of £300 to go out for one day and take photos. So I have decided to contact the Scottish Hawking Club they will be amateur falconers who should be more willing to let me come and photograph them and their birds. I could also offer to give them the images of their birds for their use or for their website. I am going to contact the chairman tomorrow and see if I can get some names of people who would be interested.


Andrew Knowles Brown

(01864) 505245



(01655) 760333                                                                                                                                                                          

COMMITTEE MEMBER                                                                     

Alison Dando                                                                                         

(01506) 882320  


Les Gibson                                   

(01207) 570090



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