Pest Control


they offer a pest control service which might be a really cool opportunity to photograph the birds working.


Elite Falconry has established a wide ranging and highly successful pest control service in both rural and urban locations, based around a team of the country’s very best trained birds of prey and supported by various secondary control methods.

The most common species that are most effectively deterred or removed are pigeons, sea gulls, starlings and rabbits. However other species can be controlled in certain applications.

We would be very pleased to come out and visit your site to allow us to fully understand your problem type and volume. It would be very easy to supply a list of standard charges and services at this point. However, we consider that every problem is individual and therefore every problem requires an individually prepared treatment package.

A web page is not the place bother you with a dull sales pitch. We are satisfied that if you have decided that raptor based pest control is your preferred method of treatment; that you will have already researched the possibilities. We will simply suggest that of all the providers in Scotland, we are likely the best and stand 100% by our standards and service.

We can provide a broad list of references to help you understand our product quality, including Fife Council and Historic Scotland. Please contact us for further details.

Our services of course come covered by full public liability insurance.

As a note of comfort, please also note that we can, if required utilise hawks specifically trained not to kill pigeons, just to harass them and thus have them move on. This is often a consideration in locations where the public may witness our activities and we therefore have to consider their feelings. In addition, in the case of an agreed fixed term contract we can supply services during summer during the very early daylight hours so that any lethal predatory birds in use can be worked at time when human distraction or feelings are less likely to be an issue. Suggested start times can perhaps be between 03.00 and 04.00.


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