Hunting With Eagles

I am photographing birds of prey hunting either rabbit or hare for this project. The birds I have selected are captive animals because this will allow me to control when and where the shoot will be taking place and will also allow me to have multiple chances to photograph the hunt. The hunting season for falconers is october to February  this gives me nine days with which to shoot the birds hunting real live prey. I have spoken to some professional falconers and they train their birds with a lure connected to a car battery it allows them to train their hawks and get them fit and ready for the hunting season. I have decided to photograph a three image story of the hunt this will include photos of the hawk hunting live prey and being trained. Small stories such as these are sought after by stock libraries and magazines as they have more action and excitement to them than a static portrait shot. I will meet with some falconers over the next week to discuss what shots I will be able to achieve both of the birds in training and on a real hunt. 

I have included a video that I found on youtube of Golden Eagles hunting hare during the hunting season. The birds seem very relaxed about the presence of people which should allow me to get close enough to the animal to capture a great action shot. I have been able to find out the basic information from my research but will need to speak to someone who regularly hunts to find out the more finer details e.g how many chases and captures a day they usually get what time and locations are the best and the probability of me being able to go with them and capture the chase as it unfolds. ( Viewer Discretion is Advised )


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