A Day of Contacts.

Today I chard emails and phoned every contact I could find to ask if I could photograph their birds 

I had varying levels of success but here are the most promising options. 


Phoenix falconry:

They go out most days and I can come along on one of the hunts. I will need to pay a spectators fee of £45 for the half day hunt. 
I am to send him an email and he will send me back details. his email is: info@scottishfalconry.co.uk .
This Is a good option to have as a backup plan they are reliable and they have a good selection of birds that they fly on a regular basis. I will be keeping these guys in my back pocket for emergencies. 
The British Falconers Club:
I also contacted the BFC and they gave me the email for the Scottish secretary who I have emailed and am just waiting on a response. This is a Club so my thinking is that private collectors and amateurs are less likely to charge me and will be more inviting. 
The Scottish Hawking Club.
I have contacted the chairman Andrew Bown, the field master Les Gibson and the secretary Alan Rothery of this club all were very willing to help but said that their first official meet wasn’t until the 22nd of september so they can’t say when their would be a time I could come along but they do have a trip planned to go to Aran for the 3rd to the 5th of october which sounds like a great opportunity to capture photographs.
This is very close to the deadline of this project so if I do go it will be a bonus on top of the other work I have done because it would be too risky to try and shoot the project then. The chairman of the club is going to put me in touch with someone he knows who is already flying his goshawks I just had to email him my details to akb000@aol.com . so there is an opportunity that will be happening sooner.
the official season for hunting with birds of prey is august but most people don’t starry until October they are waiting for the grass in the fields to be cut and the birds to moult their summer feathers. I am to ring him back after the 22nd of september and I can go along to one of the day meets. there are a great selection of birds there including Harris Hawks, GoshHawks, and they go hunting for rabbit, hare, pheasant and grouse. The club  meets on the 22nd of september to disscuss dates and locations so he won’t know when best to go until then. there will be a spectators fee of about £10 which is a very good price. They usually fly up and around Ayrshire but the locations do vary.  

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