Image Research

These four images are the kind of images that i am planning to include in my project. I am aware that the subject matter I have chosen is going to be difficult and complicated to shoot. although these shots are sharp only one of the birds is facing the camera and they are all quite far away. This is one of the problems that am going to encounter when shooting my own project. Standing in the right spot is going to be key which is why I am planning to go out many times so that I can best anticipate where the birds are going to be.

5437062552_fccffafe8f_zGolden Eagle 3   eagle-vs-rabbit-3_1246643iFalconry Meet

These shots are a much tighter crop and I think this makes a better more exiting action shot. I learned about the importance of cropping action shots last year whilst photographing sports for photojournalism. The way I am putting this project together is to make it into a shot picture story that will follow the chase and capture of an animal. this means that I need to use the same bird for all three shots which might be making it more complicated but this way will make the images more saleable. last year whilst researching stock photography unit I spoke to a couple of wildlife picture libraries who said that the images that they were looking for were short image stories these images were very sought after by magazines and newspapers because they are something a bit different and show more of the animals behaviour than a static portrait. 


 This image is the best one I have found so far it is by a Swiss photographer named Stefan Huwiler. The image was taken in Bulgaria of a wild eagle chasing a fox away from a kill. it was taken using a 600mm lens which is the same focal length as the lens I will be using. This image was a commended image in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards 2012. it is a close crop and it has been compressed by the zoom. The photographer has been fortunate to be in front of the eagle and the fox so you get this great dramatic shot. the fox is slightly out of focus but this couldn’t be helped because the shutter speed takes priority in these kind of situations. I am very conscious of weather conditions for this project the people I have spoken to say they usually hunt late afternoon and evening times but will hunt all day on the specific meet days. making sure the sun is behind me, there isa nothing distracting in the background and getting the animals facing towards the camera is going to be a challenge. But if I can achieve a shot like this it would be fantastic. 



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