due to the short time frame of this first brief I have decided to shift my ideas slightly. I am still going to go out and photograph the birds hunting but will move the idea on to another project where I have more time. For this first brief I am going to shoot portraits of the falconers and their birds. This will give me time to get to know the falconers and capture some great shots of the birds hunting without the pressure to capture three action shots in such a short space of time. I have been researching some portraits of falcones and some other images of people and their animals. I have researched both modern photographs and old paintings of people and their falcons.

Three of them (both paintings and the top right photo) are very formally posed sitting or standing very straight outstretched arm displaying their birds of prey. The fourth image (bottom Left) is much more informally shot it might have been setup just as structured as the rest but it shows the relationship with the bird better than the others. I plan to try and photograph shots that do show the intimate relationship between bird and handler.



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