Dog Portraits.

Here is a selection of portraits of dogs that I found on the internet some of which are Tim Flach’s. although I am photographing dogs most of my research will come from human portraits. There are a lot more portraits of people out there, of more styles and variations. I am going to look at paintings in my research also. I think that there is an beautiful element that is in paintings that gets lost when you photograph your subject on plain white background. I am going to look at colours and colour pallets similar to the owl portraits to use as backgrounds for my images. I shows very clearly when an animal portrait captures the character of the animal whether it is really there or not it makes a much more interesting and relatable portrait. My images will be serious so the expressions on the subjects faces will be serious ( I Think ) but it is very important that I capture some of the subjects personality and don’t simply show a dog sitting in front of a background.

1600172254838_wp4wqs3g_l i2b51 p1227337168-5 Portraits-of-Attitude-Dogs-4 dog-portrait-photography-elke-vogelsang-8 tim-flach-dogs-gods-01-dalmatian-01 tim_flach_dogs-gods-6-600x595 timflach14 vtWFwyj


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