Billy & Hells

Billy & Hells are two photographers:
Anke Linz (1965, Nürnberg) and Andreas Oettinger (1963, Munich).

They started to work in the field of fashion photography. They stumbled, more or less by coincidence, on a technique that would define their future works.

They discovered if they combined a black and white silde, made from a color negative, with a colour picture, a beautiful photograph emerged with fantastic effects.

Because of this technique, the colours are reduced but give a intense effect. The result is special and surprising.

These images have a very unique look to them which I think is partly due to the technique applied to the (see above for details) the other part I think is the way that the models have been posed. A relaxed pose and facial expression mixed with the stern look and beautiful posture of  these models is what drew me to them as research. The animals I will be photographing are very important in their field they may be used to save hundreds of lives, rescue people from the brink of death or catch a dangerous criminal. I don’t want to big these animals up to be some kind of super-dog but want to add gravitas to the images of them these are animals that we put our lives in and they can earn medals for bravery from the queen and I want the images to show that. I understand that it is very difficult to get a dog to pose in a certain way you can’t really tell it what to do but with a bit of time, patience and a smidgin of luck I should be able to get an image of the animals looking the way I want.

023-ohlsson 024-ohlsson-1024x682 031-ohlsson-1024x682 034-ohlsson-1024x682


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