Colour & light

this work is by Philip Lorca Dicorcia I am looking at his work because of the colours that he uses throughout his Hustlers series. I am most interested in the background colours of these images the skies especially are beautifully soft pastel colours. I am thinking about using colours like these for my portrait backgrounds. All the colours in these images are subtle nothing stands out from the rest of the image and although they are reds and blues they all fit together really well. I am trying to decide what colours to use as backgrounds for my images do I use one for all of the images or do I use ones that match in with the dogs coats or do I use the colour of the emergency service. Whatever I choose they will all be soft pastel like colours and I think a mixture of them and similar lighting in each will bring the images together as a solid project.

philip-lorca-dicorcia-hustlers_5 philip-lorca-dicorcia-david-zwimer-gallery-03 hustlers-by-philip-lorca-dicor61423 28997-large


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