I am looking into producing advertising style images for this brief.

I got the idea when I came across this work on Facebook. it is by a photographer called  Davide Luciano and his wife, food stylist , Claudia Ficca. It gave me the idea to shoot a project using animals body parts that are specially adapted to something i.e climbing, running to advertise a product that looks for those characteristics running shoes, tyres, climbing equipment. I think it would be a very graphic, amusing way of showing the product and would tie in nicely with my animals theme.

Cold feet  Print Email Gallery Cold Feet by Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano 3 6

Apologies for the any mistakes in the text as it was translated from spanish online.

Animals acquire human characteristics in this series of photos by Davide Luciano and his wife, food stylist , Claudia Ficca . The objective was to humanization Davide body parts of the animals without the use of motion. Using the ability of photography to manipulate time , Davide presents pieces of these creatures as active and alive , photographing performing tasks , creating the illusion of life in these dead limbs of animals. Recreate the uncomfortable with mocking and whimsical photos that are bold , colorful and always comic and satirical .



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