LPA Competition. previous winners.

As I will be entering this competition I think its important to look at the previous winners  and analyse them. The first thing I looked for was a style that ran through all these images. I couldn’t find a super obvious one which is a good thing as they don’t pick the same kind of image every year. All the images do have people in them and all have subtle colours throughout but I don’t think that this is something that the judges are looking for. I plan to photograph a subject that stays away form previous winners. I want to create something new and NOT copy any of the previous winners.

Theses images seem to be a subtle interpretation of challenge like the image of the ballerina which is not obviously a challenge but more of a socially challenging idea. My image won’t be as subtle as these but I plan to create an image that is interesting and creative and hope that they choose something different this year.

13-winnerjamiemellor runnerup_rosaline-shahnavazrunnerup_thomas-sussex winner_heather-yates winner_matthew-townthumbs_39-runnerupstefaniatasca


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