My Shoot

So Today I went to the skatepark and shot images with the plan to use them for the competition.

The time was perfect the sun was just going down and there were only a couple other in the park so I had lots of room to move about and shoot. The guys I was photographing were really nice, good skaters and more than happy to do the tricks over and over till I got it right. using the ring was great as it moves with the camera so the lighting is always on the skaters and I really like the effect it gives. I started shooting them with my 35mm lens which is a wide angle but I want able to get close enough to the guys without cutting them out of the frame. I changed lens to my 10-20mm and discovered that if I shot at 10mm you get the ring flash in the photo and it gives this cool circular boarder. I then started composing the images in a circle which was really different way of working but I think works really well with the images. Its something I haven’t seen before in skate photos and think its something I will try again . I tried lots of different angles and experimented with a full circle and slightly cropped. I am undecided on which I prefer more but I feel that the full circle just feels a bit small on the page.

0004 0001


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