Many companies use megaphones to explain the attributes of their product.

“Metaphors have always been one of the most effective forms of communicating meaning in a subtle and elegant way. The underlying operation is the search for similarities because the best way to understand the significance of something new is to compare it with something we already know”. (M.Pricken. creative advertising. p170. 2009. London.).


Photo Jan Verboom. Client: Levis. Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris. Creative Director: Paige Nick

This is the example they use in the book to show metaphor and it just happens to be an animal. Animals are great at delivering metaphors as we are very familiar with them and what they mean to us. They are also very inclusive as tools in advertising they don’t discriminate between age, race, gender and are very recognisable and easy to look at. I plan to show agility, power, flexibility and strength in my adverts these can be used for a wide range of products but I don’t want to limit myself and my viewers by making them about a specific product. I plan to use three different animals for these shots each animal will bring its own slant to the meaning how we interpret the image based on are ideas and feeling associated with the animal.


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