Agility and how to show it.

I will be using animals as a metaphor for agility. I plan to use three different species for this project all of which will show agility in the images. I plan to just show the legs and a small portion of the body of each animal to show this. I want these images to clearly express the power and strength of these animals and only that which is why I only want to show the limbs and a small part of the body in each shot. I plan to keep the viewers eye directly on the agility part of the image by limiting how much they can see. It is very easy to get distracted by the face of the animal and as humans that is usually the part that we look at first so eliminating it will hopefully force the viewer to look at the area I choose. This image by Tim Flach is an excellent example of just showing a specific part of the animal I am unsure whether this was intentional but it works very well as an image. People often talk about leaving space for the subject to move into in sports and wildlife images but in this instance its leaving space from which the subject has moved from. by leaving more space we assume the subject has moved from that spot. Why we assume this I am unsure of but it might be that we assume the photographer has set up the image of where the frog (in this case) was and the subject has moved. I will be photographing these animals on a white background so extending the background will be simple to do in post production leaving me to shoot closer in camera which will give me more information and may be a very effective tool in accentuating the moment and jump of the animals.9522840613_5900893dde_z

Photo: Tim Flach.


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