The lighting for these images needs to be simple and something that doesn’t rely of the subject being in the same place the whole time as the animals are going to be jumping around. I found these images by Sacha Goldberger. The subject of these images has nothing to do with my intended project but the lighting I think will suit them very well. From the shadows and the cachlights in the eyes I think its a large overhead soft box thats. The light is super soft but its still casts shadows under the chins of the models. I think it will work really well for what I intend to do as I can put the light on an overhead stand so its out of the way, its soft so their wont be any harsh shadows on the ground and there is space for the animal to move around whilst still keeping the light the same.

This light also portrays the light very well the greens and the reds stand out very nicely against the white background. I plan to try and use colourful animals in my shoots and its important that the colours stand out without being to distracting.  Thew white background is clean but not overpowering I would guess that the photographer used the same light on the background as the models and just had them standing near it. I am unsure hoe the background will look for my shots as the size of the animals will differ quite significantly. I may use separate lights for the background just to make sure it is bright enough for each shoot.

MTL_campagne_HD-111 MTL_campagne_HD-22 MTL_campagne_HD-18 MTL_campagne_HD-14


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