Smaller animals.

I was thinking about other animals that I could use for this project that would show agility and I remembered Stephen Daltons work. I had researched his images last year for my graded unit and I think that there is a use for smaller animals in this project.

I think that both frogs and locusts would work really well for this brief and would also change it up a bit as all the animals I have so far are fluffy mammals I still intend to photograph Dogs, Cats and Rabbits but also think that the inclusion of these species would add another dimension to my shoot. The animals I have chosen so far are all common pets and are well excepted by society these animals are less so and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it just means that the images of these animals will have different connotations to the fluffy ones. these animals will be easier to source for me as I have many contacts who are into keeping these animals and they don’t need to be trained as jumping is something they do naturally.

MEADOW GRASSHOPPER (Chorthippus parallelus) taking off (Multiflash) Desert-locust-in-flight EUROPEAN TREE FROG Fifth-instar-of-desert-locust-jumping-gregarious-phase


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