Height and Angle.

The angle at which you frame your subject can effect the feeling or mood of your image. I have chosen three images by Marko Savic to illustrate this. In previous projects i wanted to elevate my subjects so i shot them from below to put them above the camera and the viewer. This angle made the pictures look at little strange because we are not used to seeing dogs from that viewpoint but also because you loose the definition of the dogs jaw as you can see in image 3. for this project I am trying to show the best of the dogs and so want them to look strong, comfortable, and in control of the situation. In image 1 the dog looks sad and submissive and I believe this has a lot to do with the down facing angle that the photo was taken at. Also the dogs posture and eyes looking up adds to this feeling in the image. I think Marko has nailed it in Image 2 he has been at the perfect angle to get the definition on the jaw bone without being too high to cause the submissive look the dog looks strong confidant and less distorted than image 1 & 3. I aim to get this balance right in my pictures and coupled with catching the right expression on the dogs face hope to make a set of strong images that have the correct intended message.

ata coka viki2

1                                                  2                                                    3


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