Choosing my portfolio.

I put together a selection of nineteen images as a portfolio for this second challenge. The images I decided to select images for this challenge that were in the area of photography that I intend to work in. I selected 19 images that are all of animals mostly from this year as the majority of my work with animals has been from this year and I believe it’s my strongest work. I have included 4 of my strongest images from last year. Because I only photographed animals for one project last year and all those images were on a black background in a similar setup I do not want to include any more than two of these images in my final selection. The other images I have chosen are from my projects this year I have photographed quite a wide range of subjects in a variety of setups and I am happy that they are all different to keep the attention of the viewer.

although I want my images to differ sufficiently to create an interesting portfolio I think it is important that all the images have a cohesive style. To show that I have my own style and the work I produce is of a consistant standard. When looking at the photographers that the LPA already represent


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