My Final Selection and order

This is my final selection for the LPA second student challenge.

These 10 images are going to be the portfolio that I send to LPA for the second student challenge. I have gone through why these pictures were selected and what I want to show the LPA in this portfolio. I have spent some time thinking about the order of the images although they will be reviewed online in digital format I still think the order in which I send them matters. I want to make sure that all the images of dogs are not beside each other and that the first and last images are strongest. I have decided to start with the image of the flat coated retriever I think it shows very simply what I do which is work with animals in a studio. The next few images I hope to show the variety of different subjects, styles and locations that I have worked in to show that its not just nice pictures of dogs. I have also included the only picture with a person in it as I hope to photograph more images with people I just haven’t done it yet and I hope that the placement of this keeps fresh in the mind of the viewer that I can work with people as this will be a very important skill.  I have tried to keep similar shots apart but its difficult to when there is only ten images to play around with. I have ended with a composite of a locust jumping I have placed this image at the end because i think it is the most memorable and will be a good image to in the minds of the judges.

Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.01Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.05Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.04Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.02Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.03Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.09Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.08Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.06Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.10         Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.07


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