The original Selection.

Exhibition print 1.1 FP 12x16 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.01 Douglas McCaffrey CPP2 3 Douglas McCaffrey CPP2 2 Brief 1 Image 3 final Brief 1 Image 1ver 2 AOP enrty Final 1 Agility Final 3 Agility Final 2 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.10 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.09 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.08 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.07 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.06 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.05 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.04 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.03 Douglas McCaffrey Portfolio.02Exhibition Print 24.1 FP 12x16

These images are my original selection for my portfolio I have included all my work from this year and four images from last year. In class of Friday I showed my portfolio to my class and we went through each image and discussed which ones should be included and which ones don’t fit. I want my portfolio of to clearly represent what I do and what I hope to work towards in the future so the image of the red bug was dropped straight away as it is more of a natural wildlife shot and doesn’t represent the area of photography that I want to work in. There were also some shots that were to repetitive and were obviously from the same project so the best jumping shot, coloured background portrait and bird of prey shot were the only ones left in. I think its good to show that you have worked on bigger projects but in a portfolio of only ten images its too repetitive to include more than one of these. I included other shots from those projects and they are sufficiently different to not be repetitive. Most of my work in this portfolio is studio based and I this shows the areas that I feel are my strongest and the shows that studio work is where I would like to work professionally. The Title of this challenge is the one to watch this doesn’t mean I haver to be the best it means i need to show that I have potential and I hope that this portfolio shows that.


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