Is Photography Over?

I found this discussion as a youtube video I was surprised by the title as it seemed a little absurd and so vague, but once I found out who was organising it and watched a little I realised it was not so crazy I found the transcripts from all five of the youtube videos and will be using parts of them in my essay. I think this is an interesting debate even though I haven’t worked out quite what the debate is on yet. it seems to be a very open and fluid topic so far though I am only on video three. The members of the debate are very knowledgable and seem to be experts in their specialist fields so I feel that their arguments are valid and worth using.  here is the introduction from the home page on the SFMOMA website.

SFMOMA has been collecting and exhibiting photographs since the museum’s founding in 1935 and is dedicated to the examination of the medium in all its forms. A major symposium on the current state of the field, held at SFMOMA in April 2010, was the first in a series of public programs on photography.

This page archives the conversation begun in the Is Photography Over? symposium. It includes video of the entire program, complete, unedited transcripts of the proceedings, and the original position statements submitted by the participants in advance of the symposium. Additional responses and reports on the two days of the symposium can be found on our blog, Open Space.
Source: diCorcia#ixzz3Ns1AXFfH
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


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