If you could only keep one photo what would it be and why. what value do these art pints have and do they only hold value to us because of the value that others put on them that society puts on them and in a completely digital age how does value get added to images that we create every day. money is a big part of this ideas but I would also like to extend it to social media to Likes or shares across all social media does 100,000 likes means that that image has more value than a photograph that only has 100 likes and why are these images getting these likes has it moved on from the image are we liking the image for its aesthetic quality or is it because we like the person in the image or do we feel compelled to like this image because of the attention its already received or the potential difference liking it could make and we feel somehow that by clicking like we are being part of something bigger. How does this relate back to what Walter Benjamin was talking about in his initial essay and how does it affect me as a photographer working now.

I have decided to explore how value has changed in modern society and how it effects me.


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