How does this affect me.

As a student about to start a business in photography. I think it is really important that I look at how the ideas and concepts I have explored in my essay and the affect this is having on my own photographic practise.

In my essay I look at the effect social media is having on the value of photography today. In the conclusion I decide that it is having a negative effect on the value of images. I think that this is troubling as a photographer who’s whole career is based around the creating of images that have value. If images are devoid of value then my career is devoid of value. I don’t think pictures that people take with the cameraphones and post to Facebook is making my ideas and images less valuable directly but I do think that the abundance of images around now is having an effect on peoples views towards photography. I have experienced first hand the views of individuals that don’t think images have the same value as they once did, the term its only for Facebook is one that really irritates me because as a photographer I am still taking the same care and attention when creating images that I always have done, no matter where they eventually are to end up. I think the value that the average user puts on photography has been effected by social media and the abundance of images out there. This is worrying, will this change in perception start to seriously effect the profession of photography? Social media is a great place to market yourself people are interacting with photography more than ever and having a Facebook page or Instagram is something that many professional photographers have done to showcase their work. As a student I often say to models as an incentive to come into the studio that they can have the images from the shoot but recently I have been getting more careful with what I am offering as very often after sending them some of the best images I get an email saying “can I have all the images from the shoot” this would have never have happened in this situation 20 years ago but the amount of images out there is making people think that they can just have everything. The digital photography of today is being effected by social medias which are changing peoples perceptions and views towards photography. I hope that in the future people will start to care more about photography and more value will be placed on professional photographs if it doesn’t then my carer may be in trouble.


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