I have found lots of information that backs up Benjamin’s argument that there is no arua or nothing special about Images today as shared on social media sites and this has been really helpful in creating the first part of my essay which essentially say that the value of photography is being seriously affected by the multitude of images available today. I am really struggling to find anyone who disagrees with these stamens as most people believe in the same way that I do that social media is ruining photography. I discovered this piece of writing on a little blog about interesting essays about current issues and I found the original source. What I read wasn’t a direct argument with all the other work that I found but was a idea about applications such as snapchat which he describes as ‘temporary photography’ This idea really got me thinking and I decide that instead of writing a direct counter argument I should write about a possibility to counter the effects of the problem. He very beautifully writes how temporary photography could be an antidote to the problems of devaluing of images. What he says in his essay really makes sense to me and That is the reason I have decide to make not a counter argument but a idea that can run in parallel with the first thesis.

In this essay he also talks about another essay that writes about a similar subject matter but makes a different point and I decided to include this in my research as well.


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