Academic Writing on Humour

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I found an essay of the effectiveness of humour in advertising. Unfortunately it wasn’t as positive as I had hoped but it did have some very interesting information regarding the use of advertising and in what situations it is most effective. With this information in mind I have decided to take a closer look at my idea and where it would be most effectively published. The essay suggests that humour in advertising can have both negative and positive effects but the studies so have not looked into this in enough detail. One of the studies suggests that humour may be better at attracting attention but can have a negative effect on comprehension. One of the studies suggested that the humous adverts in between serious material may have a negative effect of the ads success whist funny adverts thrive in light hearted entertainment as people are more receptive to ideas in this happy state of mind. humous adverts were in the essay suggested to be excellent communicators of information that might be considered dull or boring. A funny advert may not get across as much information as a serous one but they are excellent at capturing attention and conveying information that might be boring in a serous advert. I think that a market for these images would be an advert in a magazine such as Pet Wellness, or Pet Mag they are light hearted magazines with a target audience of people who are passionate about their pets.


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