I plan to use a number of retouching techniques in this project but the one I will be most relying on for the facial manipulation is a tool called ‘Puppet Warp’ I found this video that quickly explains how it work (link below) It basically allows you to elect and warp a certain part of an image but it works very well because it is controlled by a mesh which adjusts all the pixels around the area that you are warping. I can be used to change the shape of objects but for this project I am going to be sing it to subtly alter the features of my subjects. I experimented with this tool on a stock image of a cat its relatively easy to use and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Below I have the before and afters of my efforts. I plan to use this tool on my final images for this project to change the facial expression of the animal to suit the scene and emotion I want portrayed. I am aware that this effect does not look totally natural and I am happy with this these images are to have a comical feel and not to be taken to seriously.

o-CATS-KILL-BILLIONS-facebook o-CATS-KILL-BILLIONS-facebook11123


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