Setup. Lights/Camera/Background


All the shots will be studio biased shots and I hope to shoot all of them in the studios at college these have much better and diverse range of lights and equipment but if necessary I may photograph some shots in a makeshift studio on location. I plan on using a four light setup. Two lights on the background to make sure it is even and well lit. one large soft light behind me facing the subject ad one at 90 degrees giving a slight edge to the subjects this small light just catching the hairs on the side of the subjects body really gives depth to the image and will cast a very soft shadow grounding the subject. i plant to use the Elinchrome lights that the college studios are equipped with but if I need to photograph on location I will use two ranger kits with attachments. LightingSetup


I will be photographing all these shots using my Canon 1Dx it has superb quality and with a full frame sensor it is perfect for studio work and it also has fast auto focusing essential when photographing animals.

All these images will be shot on a white background this will enable me to add a slight warm tinge to the images in post production and will also keep the images light and happy.


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