Start up questions in devising a strong concept

What have I done already? serous projects about animals and their uses to humans and society

What have I not done yet? Cats, Rabbits, Reptiles, rodents.

What do I want to do? Something fun, humours, uplifting, funny.

What do I want to say? Are animals are special and we should take better care of them. I also want to say how much work they do take up and how important it is that we look after them properly

Why do I want to do that? I feel it is important that my photography makes a difference and if I can produce images that create awareness then I am doing something worthwhile

What do I want to say by doing that? These animals are special and should be treated with caring and respect.

How can I say it? In this project I would like to explore how messages can be presented through comedy. I plan on creating funny and humous images that will make the viewer stop and laugh and hopefully notice and think


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