Inspirational images.

I have been looking at the work of Oscar Marzaroli, the expressions of his models are the key to the success of the images. The stern expressions and almost unwillingness to be a submissive part of the image give it an amazing power and beauty. They also fit beautifully into their surrounding I am not sure if this is a by product of the images being black and white but its like they are part of the scene as much as the background. I plan to have this same sternness in my images I want the image to be critically looking at a subculture from the outside just as an outsider would and have the subjects starting back defiantly. This idea of the subject almost resisting the viewers gaze like in the third image is very powerful look and quite uncomfortable to look at. I want to show the tightness of these subcultures and groups and place the viewer in a position of submission. _Q3J8137

This image (Above) is beautifully framed with all the subjects placed so as nothing distracts the eye. My project is looking like I will only get one chance and I am concerned that I will be unable to scout a location properly before the shoot. _Q3J8130

The subject in this shot seems to be fading into the background as though the environment is enveloping him all of the subjects in these pictures are aware of the cameras presence and are reacting in there own way. I would like my subjects to be not only aware of the camera but also of the viewer and react as if the viewer were right there. My images are a look inside the world of the chosen subculture but are a view from outside looking in._Q3J8128This image is my favourite of the three. The fence in this image provides a barrier between the subjects and viewer. The expression on the subjects face makes this image for me the is a indignation in his look and a resistance which is something that I have come across in many subcultures a unwilling to conform or change.


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