I have decided to photograph my subjects in a formal portrait with the riders standing by there horses or dogs and posed for the camera. The poses will be in a similar style to the image below one of David Eustace’s portraits. relaxed calm but strong and sure of themselves. I love the tones and colours in this shot keeping the background neutral and letting the colours of the subjects clothes stand out. Again the leaning position the man is in draws hi into the background. I want my images to be slightly less blended the Riders are not a part of the natural landscape they are controllers of it and I don’t see them being blended into the background as this subject is._Q3J8136

I will be adding a white background into my images but will shoot wider to show the landscape too. The idea came from this image by animal photographer James Balog I love the feeling of truth about it and the disjointed aesthetic. For me it feels very honest you are photographing something changing its meaning by placing it on a white background but then almost admitting it by showing the wider view. I plan to photograph my images in a similar way. I want to eliminate any potential distractions in the background by having the subjects head inside the white background but also showing a place and the surroundings. It mirrors my opinions on drag hunting and fox hunting. The way these people dress up so smart to go out into the muddy countryside but then are on horseback so they don’t have to actually run about. I also think the history of these field sports being reserved only for the upper classes is still a big part of the subculture today and although this may not be the case I still want to show this in my project. The setup will be lit with a big soft box above directly behind me lighting all the subject is a soft even light and I will balance the light so that the background is also clearly visible in the image. art 237


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