The Subculture

I have had a hard time thinking of a subculture that is accessible enough to photograph in this short space of time and linked to animals in some way to keep my interest. But I have found one.

Drag Hunting.

This is from wikipedia although this is not a reliable source it was the basis for my research and I think it gives a simplistic and clear explanation of drag hunting and what to expect.

Drag hunting (also spelled draghunting) is a form of hunting with hounds, and dates to the early 19th century. A pack of hounds (usually foxhounds or beagles) hunt a scent that has been laid (dragged) over a course with a defined beginning and end, before the day’s hunting. The scent, usually a combination of aniseed oils and possibly animal meats or urine, is dragged along the terrain for distances usually of 10 or more miles.

Drag hunting emphasises the thrill of riding at speed in a natural environment, and tends to follow a relatively straightforward course, allowing for considerable speed, over well-marked obstacles designed or selected with the safety of horse and rider in mind.

A hunt is divided into “legs”. Each leg is “scented” just prior to the huntsman casting the hounds, who find the scent and hunt it. At the end of a leg, the hounds are held in check whilst the next leg is scented. Some hunts have human runners carry the scent, some use a quad and drag a scented rag tied to a rope and some apply the scent to the hooves of a lead horse who will go on ahead.

 I have since found a more thorough document from a reliable source (Link Below)

This explains in more detail what Drag hunting consists of.

The organisation who seem to be in control of the whole drag hunting community are the

The Masters of Bloodhounds Association

I want to find a drag hunting club neer enough to me that I can drive to a hunt and return the same day. The closest one to me is the Cheshire Bloodhounds club. and I have contacted the master Charles Findlay about including them in my project.


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