BIPP Student Awards

Douglas McCaffrey Catalog Image.1The image above is my final selection for entry into the Scottish BIPP Student Awards. I will be  entering this image in to the Fashion/Advertising category. This image I think best falls into the advertising category because of its comical and conceptual look. I aim to work in the advertising industry and I feel this image strongly represents my intended style and subject. The image I submit will be seen as a representation of all my work and I think that this image encapsulates all the aspects of my work that I thinks important. It’s humorous, conceptual, shows a narrative and a story and is in keeping with my particular style and subject.

The image has a strong concept and the interaction between the two subjects is key to this images success. The interaction between the two subjects adds an element of humour to this photo that doesn’t feature in many of my other images especially those with just a single subject and this is the reason I selected this image to submit I think as an advertising image there should be a strong and obvious concept and I believe this image is one of the best examples of this in my current portfolio.

The image is a composite as photographing the animals together would have been impossible as they would never interact in such a way this interaction makes it obvious that it is a comp but the white background and minimalist approach keeps the realism that I aim for in all my images. The image shows character and emotion in both subjects and having these characteristics in the image helps to separate it from a portrait to a character creation aimed at an advertising market. I feel that this is my strongest image I have shot this year and hope the judges feel the same way.

Other images.

These images came close but I don’t feel they portray my ideas and concepts as clearly as the final image.

Douglas McCaffrey BIPP AWARDS .2015.07.1

This first image also has a edge of humour and it was in the final two. I just felt that the interaction between these two subjects wasn’t as strong or as obviously funny as the other image. This image was also a composite but I think the composition of this image is weaker and the cats don’t seem to portray emotion as well as the other image. I have made alterations the the larger cats facial features and given it a scowl which I think works perfectly for an advertising brief. The final difference was in the actual subject matter cats are much more common and I thought that including an owl would help the image to stand out against any competition.

Douglas McCaffrey BIPP AWARDS .2015.03 This image has been the one that most people comment on. It has had no post process manipulation apart from some dodging and burning I think this purity makes me feel about it differently about it and I have grown quite attached to it. This however is not important in the competition because the judges have none of this information in front of them and are just judging the images. I think that this attachment to certain images can make photographers bad editors of their own work. Discussing these images with my peers and lecturers helps to put a impartial perspective on things and to critically evaluate each image on its merits and weaknesses.

_Q3J7734Ver 3

This image is from the same series as my final image and has many of the same attributes as the other. The expressions on these animals faces I think are even better and the eye lines line up perfectly. There is just a few technical issues when shooting the fox I was at a slightly different angle and the feet don’t line up the same making this image slightly jarring on the eyes. The shadows also don’t quite match up the same as the did in the owl pictures as the fox was much higher off the ground and the light wasn’t harsh enough to cast a shadow. The last fault with this image was not a technical one it was simply the size difference between the animals isn’t anywhere near the owl and mouse and I think this small part makes all the difference.


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