I have decided to photograph Chameleons for this project I think they are a good representation of a species that is under threat but is not a well publicised this project will hopefully bring more attention to these wonderful animals and the struggles they are facing in the wild. I think there bright colours and prehistoric appearance will make them an eye-catching subject and will help them to stand out. I have sourced a number of them in Glasgow and plan to photograph them at there owners home unsung a portable studio. Unfortunately there are very few rare species of chameleon in captivity so the ones I will be working with are Yemen or Veiled  Chameleons.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

They are not the most unusual chameleons but can have some beautiful patterns and are one of the more sturdy species making them ideal pets.

Photographing chameleons is a tricky business they can be very temperamental and don’t like change. Even sudden movements can spook them and a byproduct of this is becoming very dark and dull coloured. I plan to use the colour of the chameleon to illustrate my point using its skin as a canvas for my message and I need the chameleon light coloured to make this process as simple as possible. The animal will be placed on a bench that it is used to and photographed with low power flash. I plan to keep the shoot as short as possible as stress for these guys can be fatal. I plan to create a pattern of the chameleons body to represent a statistic about habitat destruction or dwindling numbers. using colour tools I hope to show clearly the statistic in a visually and easy to digest fashion as I believe this is one of the most powerful ways to convey your concept.


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