WWF Adverts

WWF Have a large collection of adverts and have commissioned many photographers to shoot for them. The create visually and conceptually strong images for their campaigns. These images are by photographer Simon Harsent and depicts a selection of endangered animals as ghostly figures in natural landscapes. This project won at the D&AD advertising award in 2013 and is a wonderful example of conceptual conservation advertising. Although these images are wonderfully executed and have won awards I don’t think they fit into a social media brief. I Think my images will need to be brighter more colourful and obvious.  1Scsf1kg22maDHFpnthw9hqfRKTLQyx7QMyYyZ3t3y7R5FOx8WSGZ1Q5D3mEy638n AryNZ5bfX9qTwh1DkwrC7fOyett6EPD2TswP2ELS7Sb1gxj8amKOcO7d4WY1rSzSO mnfGMExTkF76SgES76mZm3nh9H9n6Xp71PK1r2sfeaFXM4eTWXYxf5afm4EdysAK6 XZRkpfT7R7P4j4rbWnBM5Ls7aXCnADZhNTX8QOrWe7NGmpaRe7RD5sYQKmSxPLYXCI found these advertisements for Endangered Wildlife Trust. They are by a collection of wildlife photographers and have (for me) one of the most powerful conservation messages because of the simplicity of the images but also because they show the whole story and give you the facts and figures in a very simple but visually powerful image. I think showing the facts in such an easily digestible way is perfect for this brief. The only problem I have with this project is the size of the images and the text. Its crucial to the concept that the images only take up a small part of the campaign but this was a print based advertising campaign and I don’t think negative space works as effectively on web and social media. I plan to take the positives from both these projects the stunning nature of Harsent’s work and the simplicity and statical nature of the EWT adverts. 201107182301151177 201107182301276676 wildlife_protection_wild_dog


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