My Image

My image will consist of a single chameleon on a branch reaching out across to another branch that is obviously out of reach. I will use two lights one soft light directly on the chameleon and the other a rim light will orange gel to look like burning. one the chameleon shoot is finished I will photograph the branches again charcoal mark them and burn the ends as if they were burned apart I will use a smoke machine to create a smoky mist for hang over the image and will blend this into my final image. Shooting these images separately will give me more creative power over which area are to be affected and will mean the chameleon can be photographed in a completely safe environment.

I have made a very crude mock up of the final photograph  using stock images. I find this useful to see how I would start to build an image as my sketching skills are pretty poor. I will photograph the chameleon first as it will be the hardest and most unpredictable parts of the image to capture and I can build the rest of the set to fit around it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 01.15.48


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