The Statistics.

Reading about the conservation efforts for Madagascar and they all seem to revolve around the deforestation on the island. there are only 20% of the original forests left and its not so much the destruction of these forrest as there are still many miles of untouched land. but its the isolation of these sections that’s having a very serous effect on the wildlife. living in small isolated areas is effecting the breeding of so many different species and the ecosystem relies on these species. most of the land is burnt for agricultural land and I want to produce an image that shows this clearly but also very visually. The subjects that I have chosen (chameleons) cant get away from these fires and they are being pushed into smaller and smaller areas. I plan to use fire, and burning branches in this project to show the deforestation up close.

original_fu_545e4faeb858e WWFLUNGS

Images that show this deforestation almost violently seem to be quite popular with wildlife conservation organisations. an immediate danger to the subject is a good way of catching the eye and forcing a reaction with your viewer.


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