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This project will capture animals who love water getting soaked and interacting with spraying water.

I think its important to a project that it has direction and I can see these images being used as an advertising campaign for a dog management site or as an advertisement for a dog magazine or business. I will not create these image with only these ideas in mind but giving a project some direction is important.


The setup.

I want to build a set of a living room and transform it into a jungle complete with leaves jungle like light and mist. I will replicate the surroundings of an indian jungle as best as possible. This will involve bustling a living room set acquiring furniture. I am going to make a list of things I will need.

Couch – dark

Rug – dark green.

dark wooden flooring


humidifier – for the mist.

black background

three lights minimum.

jungle leaves.

2 cats as models both really inquisitive and not cautious. – young animals might be good.

animal wrangler.

two lighting assistants

tethering cable





camera, long lens 70-200mm

Body shape.

This project along with many of my others works is heavily reliable on the posture and pose go the animals involved. The first image is from a shoot I did earlier this year and I find the pose of this animal almost exactly the same as the wild counterpart. I feel that this pose is crucial to the mood and the overall feeling of these images. I have also been thinking about using other aninmals to play roles in this series. Dogs are my first thought as they are an animal that we have domesticated most and they are easy to control and plentiful. I will be reverting these animals back to their wild ancestors.

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The Idea, and the new spin.

I can’t go any further with the research for this project without discussing similar advertisements that have been made previously. I am not interested in creating a project that copies what these projects have already done but want to put my own spin on things.

This advert was for Whiskas cat food and the line in the advert is big cat little cat. and depicts a leopard running through a suburban garden and then changing into a normal cat once it enters the persons house. This advertising campaign also includes a set of images by photographer George logan. whiskas_giraffe_observing whiskas_leopard_play whiskas_lion Whiskas-2


Creative agency
Creative team
Agency planner
Media agency
Production company
Director of photography
Production co. producers
Post-production company
Music production

My Idea is looking at that same concept but changing the meaning slightly and could also be used in many other seniors. I am also creating this image with the AOP awards in mind one of the briefs is about charity and I can think of many ways in which these images could be used to represent the wild animals in all of are pets.

the wild animals of the home.

I want to make a project that looks at the wild ancestry of our pets.

I have decided to to use a Bengal cat as my first subject for this project.

The Bengal is a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat(ALC), Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis.

The name “Bengal cat” was derived from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat (P. b. bengalensis). They have a “wild” appearance with large spots, rosettes, and a light/white belly, and a body structure reminiscent of the ALC,[1] but once separated by at least four generations from the original crossing possess a gentle domestic cat temperament.[1]


The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat of South and East Asia. Since 2002 it has been listed as Least Concern by IUCN as it is widely distributed but threatened by habitat loss and hunting in parts of its range. There are twelve leopard cat subspecies, which differ widely in appearance.[2]

The leopard cat’s name is derived from the leopard-like spots prevalent in all subspecies, but its relation to the leopard is distant.53b2a39706fd6


Today I contacted Ztephen Quinn who I found on the Glasgow reptile and exotic enthusiasts page on Facebook.

He has two Sugar Gliders and I have asked him if I can photograph them as part of my Major Project. I had a response and he is starting up a Reptile magazine so I my get some work out of him.